Heslington East Community Archaeology Project

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Monday 9th May 2011

we were somewhere around heslington east on the edge of a field when the
sun began to take hold. i remember saying something like, “i’m feeling
lightheaded; maybe you should trowel.” martyn assumed the troweling
position and began to clean the dirt to attempt to uncover the east-west
linear feature which may or may not be there. i stood back and suddenly
there was a terrible roar all around and the sky was full of what looked
like cobbles and vast amounts of top-soil, all swooping and bouncing and
flying past me, who was reaching about a hundred degrees in shorts and
shirt. and the voice was screaming “i’ve found something!”

i looked over and waited with bated breath. i could see mark ultizing the
double handed scoop practice to quickly and efficiently shift dirt. we
edged in. suddenly, mark stood up and thrusted, to the partially cloudy sky
with 12kph winds south westerly, a piece of pottery. probably samian wear.
be still my beating heart. and at that moment, i knew what i wanted to do;
find something more exciting. i troweled. i troweled until my muscles
burned and my veins pumped battery acid. then i troweled some more. alas,
after the unrelenting sun beating down on my back and words of encouraged
lovingly delivered from alex sotheran (“what’re you two b*****d’s doing,
trowel harder for f**** sake”), nothing was unearthed.

it’s not all doom and gloom however for the trench of group h in heslington
east. mark, stepan and henry found a lot copious amount of cbm (ceramic
building material) and other such fun items i wish turned up in my part of
the trench. hopefully tomorrow will bring an actual find and rain will
soften up the ground so troweling won’t be such an arduous task as it is
now requiring wrists of pure moulded steel and grim determination with the
minds eye focuses squarely on archaeology. mark taylor, course rep and
general captain amazing at everything, finds everything in our trench and
is the last one to leave as he must put every single piece of equipment
away. then he walks off. into the setting sun on the horizon. there he
goes. one of god’s own prototypes. a high-powered archaeologist of some
kind never even considered for mass production. too weird to live, and too
rare to die.

Myles S, Group H

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