Heslington East Community Archaeology Project

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Friday 13th May 2011

For the greater part of the past two weeks, our group has been excavating a
series of puzzling linear ditches which run north to south down the gentle
slope of the York Moraine. While some appear to be natural, or perhaps the
unintentional result of modern deep-ploughing practices, others definitely
bear the unmistakeable stamp of human intentionality, having precisely
angled slopes and terminus points. Apart from the odd piece of Roman tile
or medieval pottery, there have been few dateable indicators of who built
these ditches, or why.

On Friday afternoon, our group discovered a clearly defined posthole, lined
with stones and filled with a striking grey clay unlike any other fill
found yet in our trench. Better yet, one of our excavators discovered a
well-provenanced piece of coarse pottery within the posthole, which should
help us date the feature. The potsherd is of crude manufacture, and would
likely engender only disgust with any self-respecting Roman potter. Yet,
neither does the fragment appear to fit within known prehistoric pottery
typologies for the area. Could the pottery – and hence the posthole
structure with which that sherd was associated – be of Early to Middle
Anglo Saxon in manufacture? It is far too early to make any judgements, but
this question provides ample fodder for thought in the days ahead.

Gord, Group J

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    Omnya says:

    Hi Kristin, When I was flying back from Edmonton 2 weeks ago, I satetrd to grin like crazy as soon as we could see land we were probably flying over Grey-Bruce, actually. I was captivated just staring at the beautiful hills and greenery and I love Ontario! (I honestly think that God must give people who live in Edmonton a special dose of strength!)When we were driving up the 400 back home, it was amazing how delighted I was just to see familiar scenery. So I understand the excitement and happiness of being home again.I hope you're being good without my mother there to watch over you! Enjoy your summer,Jen

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