Heslington East Community Archaeology Project

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Thursday 12th May 2011

Group F

So as our intrepid archaeologists ventured over the dull and wind chilled
horizon, there was a sense of trepidation in the air, the blackness of the
sky and the strong breeze left us contemplating the possibilities of rain
and wind and a sense of mystification at once again randomly retrieving
what seems to be the one and only squeaky barrow on site. Another day of
searching and scouring the endless blackness for lost but unparalleled
tanned soil, only to be found buried carelessly at the delights of
Heslington East, another day of Will’s mattocking prowess and excavation
carried out by the boys in a manner more befitting sexual poses and eased
lounging on a sun struck beach than a muddy trench in North Yorkshire. The
weather was, however, not enough to deter our archaeological enthusiasts
and it was, in fact, a rather fruitful day for discoveries. Between Sam and
Declan’s mattocking exploits they found a rather exciting and extensive
proportion of a large Roman pot, some interesting animal bone deposits and
much miscellaneous Roman pottery. A rather unique posthole was located to
the west of the site by Phoebe with a definitive set of stone defining its
structure, carefully excavated and removed by Steve and Phoebe in unison. A
rather shallow, smaller posthole was uncovered by Danielle towards the
Southern extent of our trench excavated to perfection. Many sketched plans
were completed, with a sense of relief washing over us all when Josh
finally finished his three day artistic labour and fled to his more
accustomed and comfortable role of trench treasure hunter. The extent of
blackness I was excavating, remains unfortunately relatively fruitless and
rather shallow at this precise time, so a pretty picture was drawn to
record the endeavour and hopes for more promising discoveries for the
remaining extent of this puzzling construction.

The total of today’s endeavours alone allow many more questions to be
proposed, the recovery of pottery and the smaller post holes are indicative
of a definitive divide between inside and outside deposits that have been
previously theorised by Steve Roskams and repeated in parallel locations on
site. The new post hole also creates an interesting new discovery and for
now remains a mystery, as Claire would aptly say “curiouser and curiouser”.


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    Geme says:

    Kristen - ya know, I would like to say that i'm impressed by your prrsoegs, but in reality, i expect nothing less from you! .. This injury is much like the weather I think .. you can let it dictate what you want to do, or you can deal with it, and your doing just that n good ole' Will pattison style! .. i've never met anyone that does life with more heart, drive or passion and this is just one more way you prove the person that you are. as Christmas draws near i am reminded of what the season is about and what really means the most to me .. Jesus, my loving family and my amazing friends! .. I wish you a very merry christmas and a New Year full of gigantic improvements ! ) Luv u 2 and i will call you next week!

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